Top 15 Most Iconic Anime Masks

Less is more? Anime masks bring out the best in characters!

anime masks naruto shippuuden
Masks add an element of mystery to the anime characters we love. And, aside from the striking design and features, another thing that can make a mask iconic is the reason why a character wears it-the story behind the mask.

Let’s check out some of the anime masks that have made the most definite and lasting impression on anime lovers worldwide.

Kakashi‘s mask

From Naruto

Kakashi - Naruto - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: black anime mask that covers half of Kakashi’s face

Kakashi has donned this simple mask for pretty much forever. The secret behind what lies underneath may be the biggest mystery of the entire Naruto saga.

Mamoru Chiba‘s mask

From Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Mamoru Chiba - Sailor Moon - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: simple white masquerade mask

Mamoru Chiba’s alter ego, Tuxedo Mask, wears a white mask to complement his black tuxedo.

Kagetane‘s mask

From Black Bullet

Kagetane - Black Bullet - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: a white mask which exposes portions of Kagetane’s eyes and jawline

Kagetane dons a mask that suggests his real personality.

Hei‘s mask

From Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha

Hei - Darker than Black - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: a white mask with a purple lightning symbol on the right eye and a red slit across the mouth

In order to hide his real identity, Hei wears this anime mask when taking on different jobs from The Syndicate.

Zero‘s mask

From Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Zero - Code Geass - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: a black and indigo mask which appears opaque on the outside, but is actually transparent from the inside

Lelouch’s alter ego Zero dons his signature mask in order to hide his true identity as he makes his rebellion against the Britannian Empire. Moreover, a small part of this anime mask can be moved down in order to expose Lelouch’s Geass*

Kaneki‘s mask

From Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: a black leather mask which exposes Kaneki’s left eye and hair, and features a zipper in its mouth area in order to make eating more convenient

Kaneki wears an anime mask created by Uta which was inspired by Kaneki’s condition after he becomes a “One-Eyed Ghoul“.

Ichigo‘s mask

From Bleach

Ichigo - Bleach - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: a white mask with dark red designs that change patterns throughout the course of the series

Ichigo dons this hollow mask whenever he engages in battle.

Sogeking‘s mask

From One Piece

Sogeking - One Piece - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: a yellow and blue pointed mask which exposes Usopp’s nose and eyes

Usopp’s alter ego Sogeking dons an anime mask to hide his identity from the other Straw Hat members following his “leave” from the crew.

Bols‘ mask

From Akame ga Kill!

Bols - Akame Ga Kill - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: A white fabric mask with circular steel-like designs on its eye holes and mouth area.

For unknown reasons, Bols wears an anime mask which completely covers his head and face.

Char Aznable‘s mask

From Mobile Suit Gundam

Top 15 Most Iconic Anime Masks - Char Aznable - Mobile Suit GundamDesign: white helmet with distinctive horns and a matching masquerade mask

Char is an ace mobile suit pilot who wears a mask to supposedly keep his eyes covered for some medical reasons. In reality, he wanted to hide his identity while infiltrating the Zeon Military.

San‘s mask

From Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)

Top 15 Most Iconic Anime Masks - San - Mononoke HimeDesign: red mask with white wavy lines and three yellow holes for the eyes and mouth, it also has matching red ears

San, also known as Princess Mononoke, wears a mask whenever she engages in battle.

Mystogan‘s mask

From Fairy Tail

Top 15 Most Iconic Anime Masks - Mystogan - Fairy TailDesign: dark green mask which only exposes Mystogan’s eyes

Mystogan is an S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail. He wears a green mask to hide his real identity from his guildmates.

Gin‘s mask

From Hotarubi no Mori e

Top 15 Most Iconic Anime Masks - Gin - Hotarubi no Mori eDesign: white kitsune mask with a sun-like design at the forehead area and red marks around the eyes

Gin wears a kitsune mask to make him look like a youkai. If you want to know more about kitsune masks, check out this post!

Tobi‘s mask

From Naruto: Shippuuden

Tobi - Naruto: Shippuuden - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: an orange swirling mask which exposes Tobi’s right eye

Tobi wears an orange mask in order to hide his real identity.

No Face (Kaonashi)‘s mask

From Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away)

No Face - Spirited Away - Top 10 Iconic Masks in AnimeDesign: a white mask with purple marks on both eyes

And last but not least, we have No Face. Although it is not certain if this is a mask or No Face’s actual face, the indifferent expression shown is one that will haunt you for ages!

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