Pokemon Go Is Bigger Than Brexit, Kony 2012, Gangnam Style

Pokemon Go Banner
It’s only been a 8 days since Pokemon Go was released but what a crazy 8 days it’s been. The thing has absolutely taken over social media and websites are scrambling to cover as much Pokemon Go related content as they can (including this one). SimilarWeb reports that it’s set to take over Twitter in terms of daily active users, and has already surpassed Tinder. It’s even become, almost overnight, the most popular page on reddit by a long shot.

Pokemon vs TwitterSafe to say it’s caught up to Twitter by now? Source: SimilarWeb

A simple graph put together by redditor dundoo_wepper in Google Trends however has really put this phenomenon into context.

Reddit Google Trend GraphUm…what

A little something to keep in mind when viewing this information. The chart deals with relative information, and not absolute search volume. This means Gangnam Style, the music video sensation with a ridiculous 2,607,097,911 views and counting – has most definitely seen more traffic than Pokemon Go during it’s 8 days of being released.

However, what the information does show is that Pokemon Go – according to Google – has more “total searches…relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time”.

Basically, according to this metric, it’s bigger than Kony 2012, Gangnam Style, Clash of Clans, and Donald Trump combined.

Kony 2012Everyone still remembers this asshole, right? Source: Associated Press

Here’s another horrifying graph that clearly shows where people’s priorities lie (I mean who really cares about Britain voting to leave the EU anyway)

Google TrendSource: Imgur

Let’s see how big this thing gets after it sees a worldwide release.

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