Naruto Online is a 100% official Naruto MMORPG, fight for Konoha now!

Naruto’s 100% official MMORPG is upon us, get ready for this unbelievable quest in Naruto Online!

Naruto Online 1
“When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire’s shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew.”

Real Naruto fans will for sure recognize Sandaime’s quote; Konoha’s third Hokage believed that the “Will of Fire” is present in every Ninja from Konoha. Can you prove the power of your spirit? The moment is upon us! “Naruto Online”, the new only 100% official Naruto MMORPG will for sure become a classic! Are you ready to play?

Naruto Online 2
OASIS GAMES has announced the Publishing rights for Naruto Online in English. The game developed by Tencend Games, in partnership with Bandai Namco Games, is a loyal reconstruction of Naruto’s Ninja World and follows Naruto’s story, from beginning to end!

In total, five completely new and distinct classes to choose:

• Breeze Dancer, a specialist of Wind Jutsus and can use the technique “Great Rasengan”;
• Midnight Blade, an assassin whose main element is Thunder, his sword is as mortal as his Jutsus;
• Scarlet Blaze will use Fire Jutsus and Genjutsu to fight many enemies at the same time;
• Crimson Fist, Taijutsu master and skilled Earth element Ninja, protection and power;
• Azure Fang, loads of damage and cure, Water type skills ready for longer combats!

Each one of the different classes has distinct attributes and skills, choose the one that best fits your gaming style – access Naruto Online and choose yours!

Naruto Online 3

Do you want to discover Naruto Online secrets? Like the official page and access the website for more info!

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