Predictions on cloud security in 2021

There is no doubt about the growth of cloud interest. When the market is expanded, IT experts from all over the world will make a big effort to limit the possibility of safety issues related to the technology. In 2019, there are various aspects that smaller – size businesses should...

What you can gain from hybrid clouds

If you are a cloud user, you may be concerned about the ways by which you can structure your hybrid cloud combining both on premises and public cloud infrastructures. There are many definitions for hybrid...

VMware highlights security in COVID-era networking

VMware is tackling the challenges of securing distributed enterprise resources with product enhancements including the new Carbon Black Cloud Workload software and upgrades to its SD-WAN and SASE products. As enterprise workloads continue to move...

Everything about hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is a mixture of computing, storage as well as services from both all locations from on premises infrastructure, private clouds to public ones. Some well – known hybrid cloud service providers can be...

How to make the most out of hybrid cloud

During the current stage of digital transformation, more and more companies are transferring their data to cloud services than those in the past. Also, due to the fact that cloud services are increasing and growing...

Cloud technology in 2021

1. The development of the network of services In the previous year, Amazon introduced to the public the App Mesh and Google released its open source tool named Istio. You can see that there was...
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